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How much do you folks have to witness in order to know you have a serious immigration problem. Mr Serrazin is spot on regarding the muslim problem. It may be too late for Germany with so many people in denial regarding Islam. After all, how much education is provided in a Madrass. Might as well be on welfare.

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We once accidentally added too much lemon to our hollandaise, and loved it! Glad to see others also make this "mistake" and love it.I just had eggs benedict on brioche with Tasmanian smoked salmon the other morning. It was delish, but I bet your eggs benedict could compete. Miss your cooking and miss you, too!

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No, problem. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I was wondering what your views were, because I don't know anyone who practices this model or has any interest/knowledge in it, so I can't really ask what they think; and I appreciate you answering my questions. Like you said it would benefit me to have my own projector but it would be very costly and a hassle.

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Experience is not interesting till it begins to repeat itself, in fact, till it does that, it hardly is experience.

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